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Glazeguard PLUS Anti Slip Coating For Tile, Vinyl, Wood, Concrete Floors And Metal


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Location : Interior/Exterior
Task : Floor/Deck
Application : 3/8th nap roller
Surface : Ceramic, Porcelain, Concrete, Wood
Base : Water Based
Drytime : 12hrs Gloss/Satin 8hrs Matte
Coverage : 500 sq.ft/gal
Finish : Clear Gloss Satin or Matte



Glazeguard® PLUS (with CoverGrip) creates a solvent-free, virtually odorless, urethane anti slip coating with exceptional adhesion and performance properties. The addition of CoverGrip achieves high slip resistance, significantly reducing the potential for a slip in accordance with the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) standards.It is suitable for virtually any vertical or horizontal surface with inherent chemical resistance, stain and wear resistance properties


Application: Microfiber roller with 3/8th nap.

Available Finishes: Gloss, Satin, and Matte.



Glazeguard® PLUS exhibits superior bonding capabilities to many surfaces including porcelain and ceramic tiles, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and many other surfaces which other coatings will not adhere to. It’s ideal for car parks, high traffic corridors, transport terminals, warehouses, fabricated metal products, and most very high traffic applications – both internal and external.

Glazeguard® PLUS is an anti-slip floor treatment designed to produce the coefficient of friction (grip/traction) levels that are safer in wet or dry conditions.

Glazeguard® PLUS is classified as a High Traction, High Slip Resistance floor finish, exceeding traditional wax and acrylic finishes (wet or dry) and meeting and exceeding ADA standards.

The product has been independently tested in accordance with the Nation Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) and has a Wet DCOF of > 0.6 or more* for wet walkway surfaces.

Simply put, you can lower slip / fall injury risk and control walkway slip resistance using this flooring system.


  • Tiles – Ceramic, Terrazzo, Porcelain, Stone – Porous To Glazed.
  • Resilient Floors – Vinyl, Rubber, And Linoleum.
  • Timber – Sports Floors, Engineered And Solid Timber Floors, Parquetry, Decks, Doors, And Tables.
  • Concrete – Floors, Parking Decks, Warehouses, Walkways, Stairs, Walls, And Benchtops.
  • Metal – Ferrous And Nonferrous Metals, Fabricated Metal Products, Doors, And Boat Trailers.

Stain Resistant  *  Restores Luster and Color

Forms Protective Shield  *  Easy Cleaning

Complete All In One Easy To Mix And Apply One Coat System.


Many people ask us: Can we use GlazeGuard® on polished porcelain tiles?
In general, these polished surfaces are very difficult to apply sealers to and make them look attractive.
We don’t recommend sealing polished porcelain, polished ceramic or polished stone tiles with ANY sealer… including GlazeGuard®.


  • Ceramic
  • Porcelain
  • Stone
  • Marble
  • Concrete
  • Vinyl (VCT)
  • Interior Wood
  • Epoxy
  • Urethane.


  • Polished Porcelain
  • Polished Ceramic
  • Polished Stone Tile
  • Exterior Wood.




CoverGrip Additives turn almost any floor finish (concrete, vinyl, rubber, timber, tile, stone, etc.) into a slip-resistant surface. With the addition of grip additives to the clear (gloss, satin or matte) sealer, the product can provide a Wet Dynamic Coefficient of friction (WDCOF) of 0.6 or greater*.

They provide an ideal finish for kitchens and food prep areas, pedestrian ramps and any areas requiring an anti-slip surface.

Slippery Floor Enhancement. Fast Application Time. Safe For The Environment.


Our easy to apply formulas not only enhance the appearance and protection they also increase slip-resistant properties for an even safer surface.


One coat system means many applications can be completed in a single night avoiding loss of trade and minimizing disruption. One coat application also significantly reduces labor costs.**


Proprietary formulation uses water as a solvent and eliminates traditional solvents and all the hazards and odor associated with them.



  • Rejuvenate ceramic, porcelain, terrazzo, stone
  • Provide hygienic protection for grout lines on floors and walls
  • Restore existing vinyl, rubber or linoleum to remove scratching
  • Improve the appearance and reduce cleaning costs
  • Seal or color concrete floors in corridors, kitchens, warehouses
  • Superior finish where gloss enamel paints are required
  • Timber sports floors, hardwood floors, covered decking
  • Other engineered or solid timber floors including parquetry
  • Metal surfaces including steel door frames, stairs
  • Cover plates, trailers, and engineered metal products
  • Seal or color concrete car parks, including safety line marking, logos and lettering


Glazeguard® PLUS™ is produced using water as a solvent and does not use traditional solvents or co-solvents. It has no free monomers when parts A and B are mixed. The result is a virtually odorless, very low to zero VOC product that can be applied in sensitive areas, such as patient care and sterile areas, without affecting the surrounding areas.

Reduces Falls  *  Highly Slip Resistant

Independently Tested  *  Meets NFSI Standards


Use a microfiber roller with 3/8″ nap. Spread 1 thin, even layer.


Approximately 500ft²/gallon (12.2 m2 /liter) depending on the size density and porosity of the grout joints.

* Slip ratings are surface dependent. Always test before application.

** Dry times are affected by environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity. Always test before application.




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